Why might I receive warnings from my computer's security product regarding my Pogo Download Games Center software?

If you are either having difficulty completing installation of software from the Pogo Download Games Center or you are receiving system alerts from your antivirus/security software about our software - there shouldn't be any cause for concern.  The environment that our games are developed and published in is "air tight" and we spare no effort to ensure installations offered from our site are safe.

Because we have advertising supported games and advertising on our site, we do have software that functions only while you are playing your game or running the Pogo Game Manager.  This allows our advertising to run smoothly, but not to monitor activity or compromise your privacy.  It is both completely safe and non-intrusive by nature.  If your security product doesn't recognize our software or misinterprets its functionalities, sometimes we will be falsely flagged.  If you are receiving alert messages or experiencing blockages of our games, in order to install and play them you will need to alter your software's settings to allow your Pogo Download Games Center title to install successfully.

If you do need to contact us regarding antivirus issues, please include the following information:

The antivirus software you are using (most of the common ones are listed below).  As many brands have many different products (i.e. McAfee Wireless Home Network Security, McAfee Internet Security, etc.) it is useful to know what the exact product name you are using, not just the brand.

-  Program version or Database version ID (since many products are updated weekly and sometimes daily, if there is a problem with a particular version, it is extremely useful to have this information for research purposes.

Because of the vast number of anti-virus products available, it is simply not feasible for us to have detailed support information for each of them.  A couple rules of thumb when it comes to selecting antivirus products:  Freeware is often of suboptimal quality. If your antivirus product is falsely flagging Pogo Download Games Center software, it probably is preventing access to other desired software as well.  For support for issues specifically related to your security software, we've provided links to some of the most common ones available. 

Aladdin Knowledge Systems   Avast   AVG  BitDefender   Computer Associates Anti-Virus (CA)   Doctor Web   ESET NOD32   Frisk Software   F-Secure   GFI Software   Grisoft HAURI   Kaspersky   McAfee   MicroWorld   Panda   The Shield Deluxe    Symantec    Trend Micro



For further information, please refer to the following links...



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