How can I install or reinstall my Pogo Download Games Center game?

Installing or reinstalling games from the Pogo Download Games Center is easy.

This article applies to:

- Those who are attempting to reinstall a game to the same computer.
- Those who are attempting to reinstall a game to a reformatted computer (these users should skip the portion of the article relating to uninstallation).
-Those who are attempting to install a game to a new computer (these users should skip the portion of the article relating to uninstallation).

The following article uses "Jewel Quest III" as the example, but the information applies to nearly every Pogo Download Game Center download game title.

If you have already installed or attempted installation of the game, you're going to need to un-install/remove the game from your computer so you have a fresh start (if the game has not been previously installed, skip to step 3).  You can do this by clicking on the "Play Pogo Games" icon located on your desktop.

Click on the red X next to the game title in your "My Games" listing on the Pogo Game Manager, as shown below.

You can install the game on your computer by locating your purchased game from our site, clicking the "Download" button and saving the game's installer to your computer.

The Pogo Game Manager should open giving you the time remaining status for your game to complete download.

When the download finishes, you will receive a prompt to "Play Later" or "Play Now!"  Go ahead and "Play Now!"
When you start the game, it may:

-Start as a "Play free no time limit" game with advertisements.
-Start as a 60 minute free trial (or show that your trial has expired if you have previously used the full 60 minutes allowed).

Either way you will need to complete the activation process.  If the game starts, exit from within that game's exit menu (don't close the window manually).  Once you've exited the game you will see the introduction screen shown below with a message in the upper right hand corner stating "Already paid for this game?"  Click the "Activate" link next to it.

A box will appear for you to enter your email address as shown below.  It is important to correctly enter your email address at the time you are completing your sales transaction or to remember the email address you used at the time of purchase...even if that email address is no longer in this will serve as your activation code.

If you have any firewall software installed on your computer that blocks our software, you will need to alter the settings to allow our game access through it to complete the activation sequence.  If the game cannot connect to the Internet you will not be able to unlock the full game.

You should be ready to enjoy your game!




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